6 Reasons the Holidays are Better with a Thumper

The holidays are here, and along with them come family time, eating insane quantities of food, and of course stressing over buying the perfect gift. Let us help you out this season with a gift they're sure to love- a Thumper Boombox. Here's 6 Reasons the Holidays are Better with a Thumper!

1. Thumpers are great travelers- TSA friendly, and they only attract the good kind of attention. No crying, no whining, no snoring... just smooth tunes for the journey.

2. Unlike that one-upping cousin of yours, Thumpers never try to steal your thunder. Bring your Thumper to the party, and the spotlight is all on you.

3. Thumpers won't judge you or your lifestyle... if anything, they'll compliment you. You are fabulous, honey!

4. You'll never have to worry about bringing the same thing as everyone else. Each Thumper is completely one-of-a-kind. No one needs yet another pumpkin pie- bring the family something new to enjoy!

5. Thumpers are for everyone! You can take them home to meet Mom and Dad, they are great with kids, and even the family pet will love 'em. Look at you, winning everyone over!

6. This picture says it all. Who wouldn't want to see a Thumper under the tree? Exactly.


Happy Holidays!

Radio Resurrection

While we may specialize in making our Thumper Boomboxes out of vintage luggage, we love when someone comes around with a challenge that shakes things up around here. Enter Mr. Ali.

We met Mr. Ali at a local Atlanta festival. He is the kind of guy that after talking to him for a few minutes, it's clear that he is a lover of classic design and music, especially Jazz. 

Mr. Ali mentioned that he had an old radio inherited from his grandparents that had been sitting in his basement for the past twenty years. It was beautiful, but no longer functioning, and after seeing and hearing our Thumpers, he asked us if we could "thumperize" his old radio. We were eager to take on the challenge!

When Mr. Ali stopped by our office to bring us the radio, we were stunned by it's simple beauty. A true Art Deco piece from the 1920s, the form of the radio was a bold, geometric union of sphere and rectangle. Art Deco typically features heavy symmetry in its bold design, and this radio was no different. The curve of the left side is highlighted by two parallel rectilinear lines lead to the curves of the dial screen and four knobs that balance out the sharp edges of the rectangular right side of the radio. The layout with the opposing yet complimentary shapes showcase the classic style of its era.

For a roughly 90 year old radio, it was in great condition. The original electrical components were no longer in working order, and the speaker fabric was torn, but the integrity of the radio was still there. The wood was in perfect condition, and overall it was an impressive piece.

So here's what we did (click here for details):

By the time all was said and done, the radio was in working order with modern technological components hidden inside making it appear as if it was untouched. In making use of the original controls, we were able to get a hi-fi, audiophile quality sound, while maintaining the integrity of the design and history of the radio itself.

Interested in a custom piece? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Everyone loves a Thumper

By now you may have heard all the buzz surrounding the series of videos that Bruno Mars released on his Instagram account. Six video clips follow him as he takes a trip to the market to pick up some milk. During this excursion, he blasts his new hit single "Treasure" from a Curious Provisions Thumper Boombox. Never before have errands been so fun!

But you know, Bruno Mars isn't the only star to be repping a Thumper Boombox. It's hardly a surprise, what with the combination of audiophile sound quality and classic style, that it is something that everyone can love.

For instance, take Shaquille O'Neal. When he first saw (and heard) a Thumper Boombox in Los Angeles, he purchased it on the spot. Later, Shaq came by the Curious Provisions Atlanta office to pick out his second Thumper. What can we say, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Kaskade, a top American DJ, is another talented individual with a very special Thumper. He has the Dynasty Boombox, made in honor of his number one Billboard dance track by the same name. While each Thumper is already unique and one-of-a-kind, if there is opportunity for further customization, we are more than happy to comply.

We also have a great partnership with a truly great record store here in Atlanta, Criminal Records. Through Criminal Records, we have found more happy customers in Chuck Lightning (owner of Wondaland Productions) and CeeLo Green of Goodie Mob. In fact, check out Chuck's Thumper here, CeeLo's here, then do yourself a favor and watch this video of Goodie Mob's visit to Criminal Records.

In the case of the Thumper you see Bruno Mars sporting, it was one of our standard Thumpers. It's name was BuckShot, and as it was propelled into fame, it became known as The Bruno Mars Boombox. But while you see Bruno rocking out with the Thumper, it actually belongs to Cameron Duddy, an incredible director who has shot music videos for the likes of John Legend and Benny Benasi to name a couple. He reached out to us to procure a Thumper for the music video for Bruno Mars' song "Treasure". If you have already seen the music video, you'll notice that there is not a Thumper in sight. That is because the creative team decided to go in another direction with the video- but to our delight, we were able to get a peek of what the original concept was when Bruno uploaded some short clips to his Instagram account. If you haven't checked them out yet, see below and get to it!

"Out of milk. Off to the market."

"Bruno love the streets and the streets love Bruno"

"Bout dat dairy life #StayFirsty #BrunoLuhDaStreets"

"If I'm shinin too bright put yo shades on. Drive Smart. Drive Safe #Smafe #BrunoLuhDaStreets"

"One last jam out before I go home #BrunoLuhDaStreets"

"Today was a good day. #BrunoLuhDaStreets"

THUMPER GONE GATSBY: Hawkeye swings by the 1920s

Those Gatsby parties! They were something else, with their champagne fountains, wild dancing, and overall opulence and decadence. Fiction or not, that man (Gatsby or Fitzgerald, take your pick) knew the ingredients to a raging party.

Of course, a Thumper was nothing more than a piece of luggage in the 1920s... but can you imagine if they did exist? Those parties certainly would have featured at least one Thumper... or five hundred. You know Gatsby never did anything small scale. 

Well, last week, I decided to find out. I was invited to a Gatsby themed party, and so I chose to bring along Thumper Hawkeye to help get the party started. 

Hawkeye was a hit. The party guests absolutely swooned, Old Sport.

Next thing you know, jazz and big band were streaming out of Hawkeye, ladies were dancing, and the booze was flowing. After a while, when the party moved to the patio, so did Hawkeye. That is part of the beauty of the Thumper- it can easily follow the party, wherever that may be

By the end of the night, Hawkeye was draped in pearls and pin wheels, and left with many promising prospects. 

The life of a playboy... it ain't easy, but it sure is glamorous.


Thumper Thursday: Yolandi


You may have noticed the above introduction as part of the product description of today's featured Thumper, Yolandi, on our website. Fun Fact: For a few hours, as a joke, the product description used to say, "I fink you freeky and I like you a lot".

Either those (admittedly weird) product descriptions are recognizable to you, or you now officially think we are certifiably nuts here at Curious Provisions. Well, for those of you not familiar with those phrases, they come from the music of Die Antwoord, a South African duo. Let's just say that their music is a little awful, a lot of fun, super catchy, pretty hilarious, and most certainly... different. 


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5 Reasons a Thumper is the Ideal Father's Day Gift

I'll be the first to admit it- I panic just before Father's Day because I don't know what to get my dad. I Google things like "DAD GIFTS" as if some magical item that was made for my own father will appear.

...yeah, it doesn't really work like that...

You see, my dad is older than most dads (sorry Dad), he isn't trendy (sorry again!), and he isn't a golfer. So what do I get him?

I can stop Googling now- he is getting a Thumper
At first glance, you might think that a Thumper is only for young, hip dads... but I can prove you wrong.

So, without further ado, the 5 Reasons a Thumper is the Ideal Father's Day Gift...

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The Curious Provisions Chronicles: SXSW

Okay Austin, Texas… you have our undivided attention. Also, you’ll be seeing hearing us annually, especially after 2am next year, when the bar doors are bolted shut and every out-of-towner with one-to-many event wrist bands is desperately roaming the streets, trying to keep the night alive. 

Let’s backtrack to March 11th when I first arrived in Austin from Los Angeles with two sexy carry-ons (Thumpers) during SXSW’s transition from interactive to music. Fellow founder David Preiss flew in from Atlanta and met me with two more Thumpers (that’s 4 Thumpers total, but who’s counting?). My lifelong homie from Hawaii and fellow Manhattan nightlife assassin, Silver Medallion aka Young Unicorn (verified), has an extra pad in Austin, and with our crew from New York joining forces for SXSW there was only one way to go: down the rabbit hole.

March 12th was a red Google calendar day -- PR queen Marni Eth, was planning events for us to disturb the peace, Ginger Riot was on his film game, and David and I were going to meet more people than I’ve made phone calls to in the past month.

First we visited my pal and notable serial entrepreneur Nadeem Kassam, who was speaking at the Sheraton with Kai Huang, founder of Guitar Hero, about entrepreneurship and the future of wearable devices via gaming. After their informative and motivating talk I had to say wdup to Nadeem in the lobby (where he met me with extreme exuberance).

Let’s backtrack again. Nadeem’s been working on a project called BioBeats. BioBeats essentially hacks an iPhone’s camera, transforming it into an algorithmic sensor that detects your heartbeat when you place your index finger on the camera. It uses the heartbeat data to play back music that matches your mood. Yea… check it for yourself.

Now, imagine creating music (based on your mood) using your fingertip through your iPhone’s camera sensor and having the sound wirelessly tickle your eardrum via bluetooth through, ahem… our Thumpers? Well imagine no more, Nadeem and I discussed using the Thumpers at the Feed event for the Tokimonsta & Flying Lotus show where BioBeats was being showcased downstairs. David and I jumped in their ride, dropped off three Thumpers, ingratiated ourselves with their crew, and hopped back to 2nd street to meet the homies for the private Macallan SXSW Yacht party that Silver Medallion was DJn.

We packed over 25 people in the private bus ride and set sail to drink some whiskeys while preparing for Silver Medallion to drop the trap hammer.




After eating more appetizers than total entrée’s available on the Cheesecake Factory menu, David and I jumped on a pedicab and blasted some XNX mixes out the Thumper to the Feed / BioBeats event. This is what we rolled up to.


Marshall Jones, the poetic champion himself, entertained the eager SXSW’ers and demoed the BioBeats application outside with camera crews catching each moment. Here’s a look inside:

The next morning, I met up with the homie Sam Salisbury, advisor to every tech company west of the Mississippi, and friends from the Olive Tree Network. We hit the Rocnation Party with Tribe Called Quest from the Thumper serenading the streets, and every person who passed by bopped their heads with immediate approval. 

And of course, how could we not leave our mark on Austin’s wall? 





A few hours later, David and I hit 6th street near closing time. The bars were emptying out and the streets were full of unsatisfied, hungry ears. So I turned on the Thumper. The cops tried to shut it down, but that’s like putting a leash on the wind.


On the 15th we hit the W for the Nylon Magazine event and chopped it up with Jabari and crew (good people).


I saved up my appetite for a few whiskeys, met up with Marni & Ginger Riot to hit the Silver Medallion show at the Haven.


 A few hours later we galvanized the crew and hit the Electric Blue party where they were handing out free electric Blu cigarettes to destroy every person’s former “I quit smoking” habit. Thanks… Thankfully, the trap hammer was dropped, whiskey was flowing, and the crew had one last toast to SXSW. See ya next year!


Grammys, New Tech, & The Big Aristotle

What a week! After bouncing around hotels due to Hurricane Sandy forcing thousands of tenants out of their apartments in lower Manhattan, I made an impulse decision to move.

"Where? I'll tell you where. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called..." L.A. Where substance always meets beauty. *cough*

And what better time for Curious Provisions to get some love than Grammy weekend? The stars were out, the weather was warm, and the suitcases were, (dare I say?), thumping. Fellow founders Javier & David sent me this sexy thumper to wow the ladies and impress the audio nerds.

Will.i.am kicked off the party week at the Avalon in Hollywood ashost / founder for TRANS4M 2013. Originally, I thought I’d be walking into a meet-and-greet / snooty / overdressed cocktail party, since big wigs like Bill Clinton and Emmanuelle Chriqui, my dream woman, (mothereffin Sloan!) were attending, but of course, it was a concert at the Avalon – I should’ve known better. Ludacris, Alicia Keys, ThePeas, and Bobby Brown performed. Bobby murdered it – I was two stepping and sliding like never before (thought I’d say that).

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