The Team

Russell Fry, Owner

Born and raised in Hawaii, Russell has applied his entrepreneurial talents to a number of fields, including electronic media, Exchange Traded Funds, cloud computing at Anexia, Inc, and portable high fidelity audio. You might catch him longboarding along Venice Beach on the weekends, Thumper in hand, bumping blissed-out hip hop instrumentals, but you’re just as likely to see him during the week collaborating and consulting with fellow entrepreneurs throughout the Santa Monica area.

Jonathan Butz, Creative Director

Jon is a professional writer and author living in New York City. At Curious Provisions he's responsible for strategy, branding, and over-the-top prose. His most recent book, The Seasons of Ecuador, was published on Amazon in 2014. In his free time he also enjoys making and listening to all kinds of music, especially nasty beats.





Marco Barillas, Chief Builder

Originally from Guatemala City, and with 35 years of experience as an electronic engineer, Marco has seen it all, fixing everything from TVs, to radios, to air conditioning units and more. At Curious Provisions, he brings his substantial expertise to bear on portable high fidelity audio. In his free time, Marco enjoys listening to classical music (Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Bach), and Guatemalan marimba.