You’re all sold out! How can I get my hands on a Thumper?
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What does a Thumper sound like?
Thumpers sound like sweet hot butter dribbling down your ear canal. Ok. That came out wrong. As good as Thumpers look, they sound even better. They need to be heard in person to be believed.

How loud is a Thumper?
At full volume, loud enough that a conversation is impossible from five feet away. See below:

How long do the batteries last?

10+ hours with a full charge.

How much is shipping?
Domestic shipping (within the United States) is free. International shipping is subject to additional charges. 

Do you accept bitcoin?

What are the differences between Mighty, Maestro, and Virtuoso?

Above, from left to right: Mighty, Maestro, Virtuoso, Virtuoso Premier

There are a number of differences between the three lines. Generally speaking, Virtuosos are our largest, loudest, most premium offering, with large bass cones and robust mids. The Virtuoso Premier is an extra large, extra loud, extra high-fidelity version produced in limited quantities. 

Our Maestros are a bit smaller than Virtuosos and therefore more portable, while still offering a big, premium sound in a sumptuous midcentury case. 

Our Mighty line is designed to be ultraportable without sacrificing sound quality or battery life. Take it along wherever you go without a second thought.

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes. We offer 2-year warranties as a $99 add-on at checkout. It covers all the components as well as ordinary wear-and-tear, but does not cover damage due to accidents.

Can I bring a Thumper on an airplane?
In our experience, yes. We recommend as a carry-on, but please use common sense. 

How do I maximize playback quality?
While your music will sound just fine via Bluetooth™, for maximum sound quality and loudness we recommend using the direct line-in cable (aux) cable on top. 

How do I know if my Thumper is charged?
The light on the included charger will change from red (charging) to green (charged), indicating a full charge. 

Can I leave the charger plugged in after the Thumper has been fully charged?

I Just bought a Thumper - can I receive a refund if I don't like it? 
Only with proof of a 2 year warranty purchase. Outside of this, all sales are final.

Can I use two Thumpers at once?
Yes. For ear-meltingly insane awesomeness you can use an audio splitter with two auxiliary outs to play music from two Thumpers at the same time. If we do say so ourselves, it sounds pretty amazing.

What is the bluetooth range?
You should keep the device connected to the Thumper within a 20 foot range (6.1 meters).

Are the suitcases in mint condition?
No. Our suitcases have character, and may have traveled thousands of miles throughout their lives before landing in our workshop. Many date back to the early 60's and 70's, if not earlier. You can expect some ordinary wear-and-tear, but nothing that we feel will compromise a Thumper's aesthetic. 

How much do Thumpers weigh?
Thumpers are designed to be portable. As each one is handmade, there is a range depending on the case itself and the installed components. The following are guidelines:

Mighty: 10 pounds (4.5kg) or less
Maestro: 15 pounds (6.8kg) or less
Virtuoso: 20-25 pounds (9kg-11kg)

Why can't I connect via bluetooth?
Make sure that you are connected to "Thumper Boombox." If you own more than one Thumper, you may need to "forget" your last Bluetooth connection(s).

My Thumper is broken. What do I do?
You should contact Curious Provisions customer support. info@curiousprovisions.com

Will my grandma like it?

The music quality sounds degraded. Why?
There are a number of factors that can affect sound quality. We recommend keeping your device's playback volume around 75% - maximum volume on both your device and and the Thumper may result in degraded sound quality. 

Make sure you are within range (20ft/6.1m) of your Thumper's bluetooth. If you are too far away, the sound quality will suffer.

Can I connect my TV to a Thumper?
Yes. We recommend using an RCA to aux cable. 

Can I open it up?
No. Opening a Thumper voids any warranty you may have purchased.