Curious Provisions Announces Release of 2016 Summer Line


Premium Materials, High Quality Audio Components Raise the Bar in Portable HiFi

Santa Monica, California, June 15th, 2016—Curious Provisions, the Santa Monica-based portable vintage suitcase-boombox company, today announced the release of the company’s 2016 Summer Line. Curious Provisions’ flagship products, known as Thumpers, are handcrafted at the firm’s workshop using vintage suitcases and state-of-the-art audio components. “Our newest line has been a long time in the making, but it’s been worth it to make sure everything comes out perfectly,” said Russell Fry, CEO and Owner. “We’re really pushing the limits of what is possible in portable audio with these newest units. They’re louder, even higher-fidelity, and look as incredible as ever.”

Three months in the making, and available at the company’s online store (, the 2016 Summer Line of Thumpers includes portable vintage suitcase-boomboxes in three sizes: 14 Mighty, 2 Maestro, and 19 Virtuoso Thumpers in a variety of colors and styles. Every unit features 12 hours of playback as well as auxiliary connections and Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity. “We really wanted to push the limits of what a Thumper could look and sound like,” Fry continued. “You can literally start a party with just one of these babies, and to top it off, they practically look like they’re from some alternate timeline that never happened—think ‘steampunk meets hip hop.’ We’ve been using some very premium materials to take things to the next level, including rare authentic snakeskin and alligator cases, as well as speakers with custom trim, acoustically painted to match.”

Fine-tuned to exacting specifications, and meticulously pieced together one-at-a-time, Curious Provisions Thumpers have to be heard (and seen) in person to be believed. “That’s actually one of the biggest uphill battles we have as a company,” said Fry. “Our Thumpers sound so incredible even at full volume, but that high fidelity and loudness simply doesn’t come through in an online video. Everything clicks when someone sees and hears one in person, though. One listen, one glimpse… and you’re a believer.”

The very limited edition “King” Performance Thumper the team put together speaks volumes about their passion for quality and innovation. Featuring two amplifiers and an audio mixer, King allows a band to simply set up anywhere, plug in, and perform in no time flat. A custom 3D-printed plastic backing allows the mixer to fit flush with the back of the suitcase, while 2 different voltage chargers were integrated directly into the case itself to streamline ease-of-use. “Nothing turns heads like a Thumper,” Fry added. “We feel that musicians can really leverage their sound and performance by utilizing a Thumper to up the ‘wow’ factor.”

The company has already had a string of successes in getting its products into the hands of such media fixtures as Shaquille O’Neal and Bruno Mars among others.

Curious Provisions’ 2016 Summer Line is available today on the company’s online store at