About Us

Technologically speaking, we’ve come an awful long way since the days when well-dressed men and women would ply the nation’s railways from one city to the next, taking in the passing sights from swaying dining cars, martini glasses in hand. It’s become a tired refrain: where once we may have hauled around crates of vinyl records, or a 35 mm camera, or perhaps a portable typewriter, we now slip the slightest of digital slabs into our pockets with computing power orders of magnitude greater than what accompanied the astronauts to the moon, and think nothing of it.

And as it goes with so many other things, so it has gone with speakers, too. In recent years speaker designs have tended towards ever-more streamlined, unobtrusive styling. But is it possible that along the way, in our headlong gallop towards geometric minimalism, something important has been lost?

We think so. At Curious Provisions, we believe the future is the past, and we build it every day in our workshop with high quality, high fidelity, hand-crafted Thumpers. Never garish, Thumpers are attention-grabbers with class; the perfect complement to a day at the beach, the understated centerpiece for your living room.

But as our grandparents knew all too well, looks will only get you so far in this world, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure every Thumper that leaves our workshop sounds at least as great as it looks. Custom-tuned to our exacting standards, with crisp highs, vibrant mids, and booming, thumping lows, Thumpers have to be heard in person to be believed.

So that’s us. Curious Provisions. The quality workmanship of a bygone era, the technology of today.