Piedmont Arts Fest was a Huge Success + Lots of Fun

We had a great time @ the Piedmont Arts Fest - met lots of great folks and got a lot of really good solid feedback on the Thumpers + we sold a bunch of them to some awesome people.

Rather than tell you all of the details of our experience, I figured I would let you know some of the funny/silly things that gave us some pretty good laughs.

"Hey man, that's Rad - Crank it up.....  Oh - turn it down, turn it down!"  - Random Joe

"Hey guys, would you mind turning it down?  People can't hear the band" - Festival Security

"Wow - You plug your iPod in it?  how about your iPad...  Droid... How about a TV....  How about a CD Player...  Record Player?" - Anonymous Girl

"Hey man, can you open the case and put beer in it?" - Random Fella

"If I buy one, can I take it on the plane with me to NY if I put my clothes in it?" - Random Gal

"What happens if I accidentally drop it in the pool?" - Passerby Guy

"Hey guys, would you please-please keep it down?  You can hear it across to the other side and its too much" - Festival Security


Good Times...  Good Times... - Check out the pictures @ Facebook/CuriousProvisions and come check us out September 15th @ the East Atlanta Strut, Music & Arts Fest (http://eastatlantastrut.com)

Javier Santana
Javier Santana


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October 03, 2012

Will you guys be out at the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire this weekend? I’d love to hear one of these bad boys.

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