Mario’s sidekick, who arguably did all the heavy lifting. We’re sure there’s a joke about eating a bunch of shells in there somewhere, but it’s hard to relate it back to how awesome this Thumper sounds in person. We just ask that you respect Yoshi by not covering your ears at full volume.


  • OmnesAudio MW8W Woofers. These have been specially delivered from Germany, and they're the last of their kind! Two of the last 4 MW8W woofers made are in Yoshi's possession. 

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

  • 42 volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery  
  • Light weight and high-powered 
  • Lasts for 10+ hours on a single charge

300 Watts RMS Amplifier Power

  • 300 watts fills the great outdoors
  • Two sta517b chipsets for excellent detailing
  • No distortion at top volume

Wireless Bluetooth Technology (included)

  • iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and laptop compatible
  • Keep your phone in your hand - stream your music wirelessly!
  • Range up to 30 feet


  • External volume control included
  • Auxiliary cord and input included for direct playback from your audio device included


  • 21.5" x 14" x 7.5" 
  • 2 channel stereo
  • 3-Way crossover network -12dB/octave 700hz/5KHz
  • 30 lbs

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