This is a very special edition Thumper, but first, some backstory:

I grew up as a diehard Michael Jordan fan. If the Bulls were playing, I was watching, and when Kobe Bryant first joined the league I was irritated by the instant pre-coronation, with all the commentators rushing to dub Kobe “the next Jordan.”

This feeling of inevitability lingered throughout the early 2000’s after Jordan left the game and Kobe and Shaq reigned over the league.

As I got older, it was harder for me to connect to athletes like I used to. The competitive drive from the 90’s seemed to fade. The next generation of ballers lacked that cut-throat “win-at-all-costs” mentality that kept me glued to the TV as a kid, emulating their moves the next day. Frankly… no one seemed interesting anymore. But Kobe remains a man apart;  interesting, charismatic and the last from the greatest draft class of all time (1996-97).

So it might be a little late, but here’s my homage to the Black Mamba. The color design was inspired from his Nike Kobe XI Elite Low “Fade to Black” shoes. And of course, I had to find the perfect vintage snake-skin case for the black and gold custom woofers and tweeters.

You’ll be sure to turn some heads with this one.

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

  • 42 volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery  
  • Light weight and high-powered 
  • Lasts for 10+ hours on a single charge

300 Watts RMS Amplifier Power

  • 300 watts fills the great outdoors
  • Two sta517b chipsets for excellent detailing
  • No distortion at top volume

Wireless Bluetooth Technology (included)

  • iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and laptop compatible
  • Keep your phone in your hand - stream your music wirelessly!
  • Range up to 30 feet


  • External volume control included
  • Auxiliary cord and input included for direct playback from your audio device included


  • 21" x 13" x 6.5" 
  • 2 channel stereo
  • 3-Way crossover network -12dB/octave 700hz/5KHz
  • 22.10 lbs

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