It’s hard for us to imagine this far in the future, but we’re picturing jet packs, flying cars, moon colonies, and the most blisteringly-sweet bass, mids, and treble this side of the solar system. 

Little-known fact: this is the first Thumper I demo when people ask us what they hear like. At full volume, 2001 moves across the floor. 

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

  • 42 volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery  
  • Light weight and high-powered 
  • Lasts for 10+ hours on a single charge

300 Watts RMS Amplifier Power

  • 300 watts fills the great outdoors
  • Two sta517b chipsets for excellent detailing
  • No distortion at top volume

Wireless Bluetooth Technology (included)

  • iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and laptop compatible
  • Keep your phone in your hand - stream your music wirelessly!
  • Range up to 30 feet


  • External volume control included
  • Auxiliary cord and input included for direct playback from your audio device included


  • 18" x 12.5" x 6" 
  • 2 channel stereo
  • 3-Way crossover network -12dB/octave 700hz/5KHz
  • 19.37 lbs


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