Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take proper care of my Thumper Boombox?
  1. Charge the case regularly when not in use, i.e. don't let it sit for a couple months without playing it. You cannot overcharge the battery.
  2. After 4-5 hours of continuous play, go ahead and charge up the case again. If you do play it for 8-10 hours make sure to charge the case right away.
  3. Make sure the Thumper is turned off when you are not using it so you don't drain your battery.

Is your vintage suitcase in perfect condition?

They're in great condition for cases that are up to 60 years old. Because they are vintage, they usually have a couple minor scuffs and scratches. To an extent, the cases show a bit of wear, however this is part of their charm!

Do you ship International?

We absolutely do! From Slovakia to Australia, we gladly ship to our fans all over the globe. 

Can I use Bluetooth to send music to my Thumper Boombox?

Yes, but as an add-on feature.  We can send you an external bluetooth module with your order that plugs right into your audio jack.

Can I open a Thumper Boomboxto put stuff inside?

The cases are custom wired and sealed for your safety and to keep them air-tight for quality sound. You should not try to open it.

Can I get these Suitcase Speakers in a retail store?

Only at our headquarters in Santa Monica, California. Want to stop by? Please make an appointment within 24 hours of your arrival:

What do Thumper Boomboxes sound like?

Awesome and loud enough to piss off your neighbors. We have some video that shows one in action. What do you think?

*Keep sending us more questions, and we'll keep adding them here. Thanks!