New Screen Print - The Receiving End of Sirens

Check out the latest poster from Neal Williams. It's a blistering hot render of The Receiving End of Sirens show that recently took place in Cambridge Mass. 

October 09, 2013


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Mark Damiano Original Designs, Exclusively @ Curious Provisions

World War Words

If you don't know who Mark Damiano is, you need to check yourself.  His beautifully twisted designs can merge Motley Crue with the Dalai Lama to make a symphony.  

Ok, maybe that's a bit much, but still - his designs are unique and stunning.

Don't believe us? Check out our iPhone 4/4s skins which feature a few of Mark's favorite designs - and for only $15 bucks, you will want to give your thumbs a break from texting and start talking again, just so you can show it off... which means you will have to start saying things like LOL and LMFAO out loud.  Weird.

Check out our exclusive collection of iPhone skins

Learn more about Mark Damiano and MADDSGN

October 09, 2013


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Thumper Demo

Well, it was so nice, we had to do it twice. More videos are on the way, but for now enjoy our final cut of the Hi De Ho Thumper. This baby just proves that great sounding things can come in small packages!


October 09, 2013


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Hi De Ho Demo - Rough Cut

We're currently putting together a bunch of videos to demo the cases. You really need to hear these things to believe it. The sound quality is tight. So let's take an early look at a Thumper in action. This is a rough cut of our first demo for Thumper "Hi De Ho". 

Oh, and look closely at the bottom of the case halfway through the video - the thing actually starts walking down the table. Bass baby!

This is actual sound from the case in real time. Use headphones for best results in hearing the sound quality. More to come!

October 09, 2013

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Free Shipping on Everything!


As far as we're concerned, what you see is what you get. Our products look beautiful and sound amaze. You'll see soon enough. But believe us now when we tell you ALL PRODUCTS ON OUR SITE SHIP FOR FREE. Of course, we are talking about standard shipping only. And this offer excludes international (outside U.S.) orders. 

Currently, we do not offer expedited shipping options, but we will be doing so in a little while, and we'll update you on that.

For now, just remember, on Curious Provisions EVERYTHING SHIPS FREE.

October 09, 2013


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Now Featuring Neal

We're thrilled to introduce the work of Neal Williams to our store. You can learn more about his story here. I think you will agree that his creativity level is intense. We're amazed that he's so technically strong - since he just taught himself to draw less than two years ago. Make sure to check out his current collection on our screen prints page.

October 09, 2013

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Big Time at our Photoshoot

Thanks to Heidi and Jarrid for being awesome sports on our first photo shoot. Things went pretty well. We didn't even get arrested! 

October 09, 2013


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Have we been busy? You might say so! Cranking out the freshest audio cases is a lot of work, but we are certainly having a blast. Here is one of our first in progress:

In progress