October 09, 2013


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New Girl on the Block

Hi, I'm Pamela, and I'm the New Girl 'round these parts. You may also call me Intern Extraordinaire. I'll answer to either. 

I'm the latest addition to the Curious Provisions team, and I must say- only a week in, and this internship has already exceeded my expectations. Granted, this is my first internship, and I'm not exactly fresh out of college (I got my MA back in 2009), so I'm probably not what Curious Provisions had in mind either when they posted a listing for the position on The Barefoot Student. It was no matter, however, as by the end of our first meeting we parted ways with "see ya tomorrow".

This place is rad. And I mean rad. The people, the environment, the product, everything. Situated in the King Plow Arts Center is the Curious Provisions HQ where all the magic happens. There is a showroom open to the public. The production area is just behind it. And above in the loft? That's the office. Natural light filters in, Thumpers vibrate the space with a variety of music as they are tested, and the whole facility feels like a neighborhood. In fact, as I write this, I'm sitting outside the door on a bench, enjoying the breeze, and someone from the space two doors down just came out for a walk with his two dogs. 


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October 09, 2013


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Have we been busy? You might say so! Cranking out the freshest audio cases is a lot of work, but we are certainly having a blast. Here is one of our first in progress:

In progress