Radio Resurrection

While we may specialize in making our Thumper Boomboxes out of vintage luggage, we love when someone comes around with a challenge that shakes things up around here. Enter Mr. Ali.

We met Mr. Ali at a local Atlanta festival. He is the kind of guy that after talking to him for a few minutes, it's clear that he is a lover of classic design and music, especially Jazz. 

Mr. Ali mentioned that he had an old radio inherited from his grandparents that had been sitting in his basement for the past twenty years. It was beautiful, but no longer functioning, and after seeing and hearing our Thumpers, he asked us if we could "thumperize" his old radio. We were eager to take on the challenge!

When Mr. Ali stopped by our office to bring us the radio, we were stunned by it's simple beauty. A true Art Deco piece from the 1920s, the form of the radio was a bold, geometric union of sphere and rectangle. Art Deco typically features heavy symmetry in its bold design, and this radio was no different. The curve of the left side is highlighted by two parallel rectilinear lines lead to the curves of the dial screen and four knobs that balance out the sharp edges of the rectangular right side of the radio. The layout with the opposing yet complimentary shapes showcase the classic style of its era.

For a roughly 90 year old radio, it was in great condition. The original electrical components were no longer in working order, and the speaker fabric was torn, but the integrity of the radio was still there. The wood was in perfect condition, and overall it was an impressive piece.

So here's what we did (click here for details):

By the time all was said and done, the radio was in working order with modern technological components hidden inside making it appear as if it was untouched. In making use of the original controls, we were able to get a hi-fi, audiophile quality sound, while maintaining the integrity of the design and history of the radio itself.

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