October 09, 2013


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Quick Thoughts & the #30 Car at the Atlanta Red Bull Soap Box Derby

Here are some top observations and thoughts about the big race today in the A-T-L. Before I get to the run-down, let me give a gigantic THANK YOU to Andy, Adam, Billy and Brian for letting Curious Provisions sponsor their car (Hot & Corny #2 - Car #30), with the best name at the derby. We had a nice little set up with 3 Thumpers in pit row next to their car, and we gave away all our free stickers and flyer cards. Folks were mighty tickled! And we had a ton of fun.

UPDATE: Hot & Corny #2 finished in 9th place with a time of 43 seconds! That's 9th out of 38 cars! CONGRATULATIONS BOYS!

Obvious Thought of the Day
Why for the love of God did I not wear sunscreen!!! Seriously. The next few days are going to suck.

Simple Stat of the Day
We gave out all 100 "flyer" cards, most of them in the first hour. We hope ya'll will take a look around and like us on facebook.

Number One Question of the Day
"If I have a suitcase, can you make a custom one for me?" Why yes we can! Send us a note on Facebook or email info@curiousprovisions.com and we'll get started!

Number One Observation of Folks from the Day
"You guys make (or sell) these!??". Why yes we do! And I now know a lot of folks who are scheming to buy one quite soon.

Number One Kick Ass Derby Start & Run of the Day
No need for words, watch the video!

Number Two Crowd Observation of the Day
"Where does it plu---oh, it has a battery and an amp? Cool!!!". I just want to say that these are real quotes, not just my mimicked versions.

Final Thought of the Day
We all had so much damn fun, it should be a illegal. It was a great day for Car #30 and everyone was super beautiful and friendly. Thanks Atlanta!

October 09, 2013


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Thumper Demo

Well, it was so nice, we had to do it twice. More videos are on the way, but for now enjoy our final cut of the Hi De Ho Thumper. This baby just proves that great sounding things can come in small packages!


October 09, 2013


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Hi De Ho Demo - Rough Cut

We're currently putting together a bunch of videos to demo the cases. You really need to hear these things to believe it. The sound quality is tight. So let's take an early look at a Thumper in action. This is a rough cut of our first demo for Thumper "Hi De Ho". 

Oh, and look closely at the bottom of the case halfway through the video - the thing actually starts walking down the table. Bass baby!

This is actual sound from the case in real time. Use headphones for best results in hearing the sound quality. More to come!