CES: Trends, Fails, and the Unexpected (Part 2)

Part 2: Fails

The biggest tech fails at CES are apparent by their notable absences, and their even more notable replacements. Just a few years ago, 3D TV was one of the hottest trends, and for two consecutive years at CES it dominated. Last year strongly suggested it was dying, and this year's show has confirmed it. Next to go? External devices such as Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and the like. Even though we see companies like Vizio experimenting with the concept of a 3D TV that doesn’t require the use of glasses, the technology has been largely left behind due to the rise of the 4K UHDTV, which has greater clarity than ever before and the ability to stream programming directly from the TV itself versus an external device. 

By now you’ve probably heard about director Michael Bay’s surprising exit from the Samsung stage. Apparently when the teleprompter failed and Bay was left to fend for himself, his (unbeknownst to many of us) intense stage fright set in, and he bolted. To put a laughable spin on an otherwise unfortunate event, Funny or Die offered this tweet:

Sure, it's a jab at Bay's movies, but considering the movies that have raked in over two billion dollars at the box office, I'd sure say the dude's still got it.

While not as high profile as the Michael Bay incident, Samsung had another "whoopsie" at CES. The rain machine designed to promote the curved UHDTV displayed a big typo, literally- EXPERIECE was projected across the mist. 2014 may not be Samsung's year for smooth marketing, but hey, at least they are getting some great press!

There was also a slight "clash of the (mobile) titans" at a CES party on Monday night, when T-Mobile CEO John Legere (he likes to publicly taunt AT&T) showed up in his company t-shirt to an AT&T event. When the event staff realized he was crashing the party, he was escorted out and threatened with trespassing charges if he returned. Allegedly he only wanted to see Macklemore perform at the event, and guess what wild and crazy behavior it was that got the staffers' attention? Attendees of the party were taking pictures with Legere and (gasp!) tweeting them.

Look out for Part 3: The Unexpected tomorrow!

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