New Screen Print - The Receiving End of Sirens

Check out the latest poster from Neal Williams. It's a blistering hot render of The Receiving End of Sirens show that recently took place in Cambridge Mass. 

October 09, 2013


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Hi De Ho Demo - Rough Cut

We're currently putting together a bunch of videos to demo the cases. You really need to hear these things to believe it. The sound quality is tight. So let's take an early look at a Thumper in action. This is a rough cut of our first demo for Thumper "Hi De Ho". 

Oh, and look closely at the bottom of the case halfway through the video - the thing actually starts walking down the table. Bass baby!

This is actual sound from the case in real time. Use headphones for best results in hearing the sound quality. More to come!

October 09, 2013


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Now Featuring Neal

We're thrilled to introduce the work of Neal Williams to our store. You can learn more about his story here. I think you will agree that his creativity level is intense. We're amazed that he's so technically strong - since he just taught himself to draw less than two years ago. Make sure to check out his current collection on our screen prints page.

October 09, 2013


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Have we been busy? You might say so! Cranking out the freshest audio cases is a lot of work, but we are certainly having a blast. Here is one of our first in progress:

In progress