THUMPER GONE GATSBY: Hawkeye swings by the 1920s

Those Gatsby parties! They were something else, with their champagne fountains, wild dancing, and overall opulence and decadence. Fiction or not, that man (Gatsby or Fitzgerald, take your pick) knew the ingredients to a raging party.

Of course, a Thumper was nothing more than a piece of luggage in the 1920s... but can you imagine if they did exist? Those parties certainly would have featured at least one Thumper... or five hundred. You know Gatsby never did anything small scale. 

Well, last week, I decided to find out. I was invited to a Gatsby themed party, and so I chose to bring along Thumper Hawkeye to help get the party started. 

Hawkeye was a hit. The party guests absolutely swooned, Old Sport.

Next thing you know, jazz and big band were streaming out of Hawkeye, ladies were dancing, and the booze was flowing. After a while, when the party moved to the patio, so did Hawkeye. That is part of the beauty of the Thumper- it can easily follow the party, wherever that may be

By the end of the night, Hawkeye was draped in pearls and pin wheels, and left with many promising prospects. 

The life of a playboy... it ain't easy, but it sure is glamorous.