6 Reasons the Holidays are Better with a Thumper

The holidays are here, and along with them come family time, eating insane quantities of food, and of course stressing over buying the perfect gift. Let us help you out this season with a gift they're sure to love- a Thumper Boombox. Here's 6 Reasons the Holidays are Better with a Thumper!

1. Thumpers are great travelers- TSA friendly, and they only attract the good kind of attention. No crying, no whining, no snoring... just smooth tunes for the journey.

2. Unlike that one-upping cousin of yours, Thumpers never try to steal your thunder. Bring your Thumper to the party, and the spotlight is all on you.

3. Thumpers won't judge you or your lifestyle... if anything, they'll compliment you. You are fabulous, honey!

4. You'll never have to worry about bringing the same thing as everyone else. Each Thumper is completely one-of-a-kind. No one needs yet another pumpkin pie- bring the family something new to enjoy!

5. Thumpers are for everyone! You can take them home to meet Mom and Dad, they are great with kids, and even the family pet will love 'em. Look at you, winning everyone over!

6. This picture says it all. Who wouldn't want to see a Thumper under the tree? Exactly.


Happy Holidays!