The Revival of Vintage Marketplace in Atlanta

Friends, Romans, countrymen, join Curious Provisions of Thumper Boombox fame at the Goat Farm in Atlanta on June 30th and July 1st 2012.  For very good reason, we will be offering our wares at The Revival's Vintage Marketplace. Seriously, if you miss this, you will be kicking yourself in the forehead and I don't think that will be very good for your hamstrings. 

The market will have all kinds of local vintage sellers and designers. We'll all be combining to form a giant robotic Voltron of curated vintage wares ranging from handmade jewelry to, uh, I don't know – kick ass sounding vintage suitcase boomboxes? Indeed, yes. The Goat Farm's non-traditional rustic auditoriums are going to hold over 100 vintage vendors, seminars, and live music. Oh, and there will be food too! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, YOU CANNOT MISS THIS EVENT!  And you can multiply that sentiment times infinity since we'll be there playing tunes and selling Thumper boomboxes to the coolness-starved masses. 


The Goat Farm Atlanta

1200 Foster St (in W. Midtown behind Bacchanalia and next to Forsyth Fabrics.).

Tickets are a mere $5 bucks and puppies & parking are Free.

Join us!!!

David Preiss
David Preiss


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